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Надо же:

As many as half of all women are retinal tetrachromats. The phenomenon arises when an individual receives two slightly different copies of the gene for either the medium- or long-wavelength cones, which are carried on the x-chromosome. To have two different genes, a person must have two x-chromosomes, which is why the phenomenon only occurs in women. For some of these retinal tetrachromats, color discriminations are enhanced, making them functional tetrachromats.

(Взято из Википедии, которая ссылается на Jameson, K. A., Highnote, S. M., & Wasserman, L. M. (2001). "Richer color experience in observers with multiple photopigment opsin genes." (PDF). Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 8 (2): 244–261. doi:10.3758/BF03196159. PMID 11495112.

Так что использование трехцветной модели в телевизорах, кинематографе и компьютерных дисплеях — это следствие доминирования мужчин в обществе.
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